Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet Breeze in Ephesians

I went to bed last night with the intentions of waking up when ever my body said to, enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun and reading the Word... And that is just what happened.  May not seem incredible to you, but it is to me.  You see, for some reason I have a fear deep inside of me.  I thought I had dealt with it before... well, I know I dealt with it before, but it always tries to get me down again and again and again.  It's this stupid little insignificant fear that whispers in my heart "He won't come.  He's not going to speak.  You are wasting your time.  You could be doing something that you know the outcome of, then there won't be a chance for disappointment."  And a lot of the time I listen to it, and then I regret it & hope for better next time.  Well this morning, I took a step and decided to ignore it, and to see what the Lord had for me this morning.  Because there really has never been a time that He didn't meet me, that He didn't hear me & respond to me... And so my basis on this lie is, a complete lie.  And what to do you do when you fight against it?  The exact opposite of what it's telling you.

So I pour my cup of coffee into my beautiful ceramic mug that I found hidden in the treasures of my grandmothers humble abode.  I take out my Bible, open up to Ephesians... I pick up my pen & open up my beautiful moleskin... And I start reading, and I start writing, and I am quickly taken over by the beauty of revelation... There really is nothing like it.  It's pure, it's rich, it's alive, it's deep, it's soothing, it's beautiful, it's a sweet breeze on a hot summer day, it's a warm fire with friends on a cold winters night... It's the language that you speak, know, understand, love... It's life & it breathes it upon every sleeping place in your heart.  And so this is what He spoke... and I really didn't know whether to share it or not, but I believe it will bless you, or at-least I pray that it does.

Ephesians 1:3-4
"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him."

I always have been and always will be Gods desire.  And before anything was created, His desire for me was so much that He chose me. Not just for His sake, but for mine.  You see, this love goes deeper than anything we've yet experienced.
It's a love that so desires our wholeness, our righteousness,
our blamelessness & our holiness, that against what we think
should happen & against what we believe we are worth...
He sacrificed it all.  For me.  For you.

To be holy & blameless...  There is no shame.  There is no guilt.  There is no intimidation or insecurity.  When you stand holy & blameless, you stand tall & courageous.  And this has always been and will always be His desire as a perfect Daddy.
And so He prepares us, like all good Father do.  Because He knows our flesh will come against us & the Truth, Beauty & Reality of this gift will be attacked.
He gives us all we need.
He makes available to us, inside of Him...
[ you may stop here to dwell on the insanely incredible ridiculous awesomeness of that ;) ]

We have no excuse.  Our lack is erased.  We are holy & blameless before the King Of Kings!
But!  Will you choose it?
Because it's yours...
Will I choose it? Because it's mine.
Or will we ignore & reject all He has done, all He has said, all of who He is?  Will we allow our flesh to take over and pervert & distort the beauty of Jesus and His Father?
Or will we gracefully & mercifully enter into His gates with thanksgiving & His courts with praise... Because that is what we were created for.  He is who we were created for.

 I love when you're near.
I love when I hear you speak.
I love your touch... It restores this broken body.

I love your eyes that speak such healing glances
& captivates my soul in the deepest places.

I love your smell... sweet of honey & strong as rain.
It's a refreshing wind and it comes so swiftly...
it overtakes me inside & out
and it rearranges my mind & erases my doubt.

I love your desire, your selfless craving for me.
You don't push, you don't shove
but I am completely engulfed even more so than
a fish at the bottom of the sea.

Your releasing hold breathes life into this soul.

And in it forms of life spring up
like the signs of a new season coming through
Love & Hope abound once again
Peace and Grace begin to dance
Righteousness, Purity... show us their immense beauty
Truth is alive... it's rooted deep in the soil
Here I never have to hide...
You've made me alive...
Fully alive.

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