Thursday, September 29, 2011

i heart thursdays!

Hello friends!  How is your week going thus far?  Mine is going fantastic!  I had the privilege of packing all of my stuff up (again) to move.  So that is exciting.  I always love transitioning because it means a new season, new people, new adventures, & new challenges to create new victories.  Exciting isn't it?

I have been getting great responses on i heart thursdays! and I just want to thank all of you who have written me, commented, continued to come back, or just simply look once in a while.  It's so good to have your support.  Enjoy!

 [i heart these delicate plates & yummy dessert]

[i heart antique things]

[i heart Keith Green & his amazing book No Compromise]

[i heart this lake house bathroom and beautifully colored towels]

[i heart everything about this]
[i heart all three of these amazing teacups]

[i heart this whole room]

[i heart white picket fences & the smell of spring]

[i heart beards & pipes]

[i heart this brown leather satchel so much!]

 [i heart this beautiful scene]

 [i heart these fall pants & pink purse]

[i heart sparrow rings]

[i heart both of these fall outfits]

[i heart this cozy room]

 [i heart this hair-do & outfit]

[i heart fake mustaches on random things]

[i heart this tasty looking zucchini fritter]

[i heart this unique pipe bookshelf]

 [i heart this tattoo & stockings]

There ya have it! Thanks so much for stopping by this beautiful Thursday!  Have a fantastic day & see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now the name might be extremely elegant, but!  Have you seen this print that seems to be everywhere all of the sudden?  I have fallen in love with it.  As you have seen from my previous blogs, I have recently been getting into crocheting.  The same ol' same ol' is great... but I love looking at new patterns that I can create things with & just simply be inspired.  Herringbone is a great one and I love that I have stumbled upon it.  Take a look and enjoy the fun, exciting, & creative ways to use it.




Thanks for checking in today!
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I would love to hear what inspires you, brings you hope, or just makes you happy!  Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Good Tuesday morning beautiful friends!  Unfortunately, I do not know if the male visitors will have much enjoyment looking at today's post, unless! You would like to bless your lady, daughter, sister or aunt with something lovely. Hehe.  I have lately fallen in love with the dainty & delicate things of life.  So I thought I would contribute today to focus on something beautiful, dainty, and elegant:  Lace.  Enjoy all these different ways to display lace.






For some reason it gets me in the mood to frolic around France, hehe.
Hope you enjoyed! Have a blessed day.
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