Thursday, July 21, 2011

Preparing for the warmth!

Good morning lovely readers!  I hope this post greets you with joy & you have an incredible rest of the day.
Today I wanted to share with you the first thing that I've crocheted.

Being in L.A. at the moment, I really don't need anything to keep me warm. BUT!  I will be returning home to the lovely south in November and will be able to whip out my lovely new scarves.  Plus, they are wonderful Christmas presents & easy to make for friends & family :)

This is a grey pull over scarf that is double crocheted out of cotton yarn.  Took a total of about 5 hours.  I am hoping this time gets less as I continue to create things.

Have a lovely weekend!

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes...

...Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes.
Silver white winters that melt into springs...
These are a few of my favorite things.

In order to get to know me, you'd want to get to know the details.  I find a lot of the pleasures in life are hidden treasures within the details of our day to day, in and out, ups & downs of life...
So here is a little blog dedicated to the little things in my life, that take up a major spot in my heart.
I'm all about presentation...
Whether I am sitting down with a dear friend at an old coffee shop, or I'm shopping in the newest mall... something about a cup of coffee or hot mug of tea is the perfect solution to any problem and is the cherry on top of every good thing.  Call me crazy, but I love it.

I grew up being around a lot of people all the time.  Four brothers in the house, mom and dad, and we always had people over.  As I've gotten older, it has only gotten better... What I mean is my family & friends continue to grow, and I LOVE it.  I come alive around people.  My favorite people are my family.  So featured are a few of my family members.  Of course I could not get them all in here at once.  But we'll have time for that later.  Meet the Steins!
First we have my lovely dad & mom.  And then my amazing brothers!


And last but certainly not least:
My beautiful, amazing, faithful, best friend Erin Rummage.
We've been going best friends for a little over 2 years now.
I love this girl more than words can say.
She is the most incredible friend I've ever had.
I miss her so much & just had to add her into this post! :)

These are a few of my favorite things... and also a few things that keep my life consistent, teach me how to love [or help me love], and appreciate every moment that comes my way.  Have a good day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Start the Creations: First with Abi Liv!

Dear Abi Liv,

You are lovely.  Your cheeks are so kissable.  Everything in me wants to fly home for a couple hours and play with you and hear you make all your baby noises.  I've been told you are too cute to handle, and I fully believe it.  I wanted to make you a little something.  As you will learn soon, one of my love languages is gifts.  And since I haven't been able to meet you yet, the best I can do it make you something cute to wear :).  I am new at this, just started a few days before I made you this, so I hope it fits the way it should.  I love you a whole lot.  You are the most beautiful baby ever, you are sweet and strong and I'm sure are full of love for people from all the love that you receive.  I will see you and meet you soon and kiss you all over!

Love,  Auntie Lizzie

Please check out my sister-in-law Pamela's blog:

Starting a Rhythm of Love

Tucked away in a cozy room.  Music is playing out of the speakers and a little light brings a clear world to my eyes.  My coffee close by on the right in my earthy green rounded mug, my journal to the left of me with my .35 Pilot G-2 pen, and my lovely new set of Crochet Needles accompanied by my oh-so-inviting dark mahogany red yarn.
We live in a world of craziness.  Crazy people & music, crazy technology & religions, crazy ideas, oh and don't forget crazy traffic.  Sometimes it takes everything in me not to hide under a bed.  But what do you do when there is no bed?  When you can't get away?  And no matter where you go, there are people around you too?  You create a life marked by the Rhythm of Love.  People will talk, styles will change, fads will come & go.  But one thing that is never changing, is love.  For the past couple of months, or rather 20 years, I am in search & have found I am still only at the beginning of a revelation of what love is, & how to give it no matter what, & how to receive it even when I don't believe it.

So invite you in.  Embark on a new journey with me.  My dream is that with every word I utter, with every look I offer, with everything I make & all the in-betweens,  I create a lifestyle & leave behind a trail of the rhythm of love.  It has it's ups, and it has it's downs.  But regardless of how big or how small, it's still love.
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