My name is Lizzie & I believe in love, everything love.  If we put our hope in Love, we will never be disappointed.  Not earthly or fleshly love, but the love of Jesus Christ.  Everything I do, or hope to do, comes out of this love.  Because Love (Himself) never fails.

I am a 20 year old sister of 4, daughter of 2, aunt of 8, and friend of many.  I travel the world discipling women younger & older than me, with hopes that at the end of the day they find out more of who Jesus is, and who they are in Him.  Half of my time resides in North Carolina (yay for the south!), and the other half in Kona, Hawaii.  I am a blessed women.

I love coffee & tea, presentation, delicate things, bold statements, thrift stores, hearing peoples heart, random things, photography, stories, good cooking, travel, vintage, family, poems, & the Kingdom... My hope is that whichever one you tend to come across in this blog will bring you the fullness of Love and an abundance of Joy & Hope.  And I would love to hear how you were blessed by being here.   Please feel free to write me a comment or email me at any time (oceansroar@gmail.com).

You are a treasure, you are loved, you are seen.  Your heart is important and you are beautiful.

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