Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Tea Cups

Hello my little teacups :)  I will happily admit to you my obsession with teacups.  I love everything about them.  All the sizes, all the shapes.  I love their delicacy and beauty.  To me, if you have a perfect teacup, it makes your tea taste even better.  I have recently found some incredible ways to not only drink out of your teacup, but also decorate with it!  Enjoy the art, the photography, the creations, & the beauty of these delicate beauties.






 [Make sure to check out how to make this amazing Tea Cup Clock by Clicking Here
and how to make this Tea Cup & Saucer Lamp by Clicking Here]

Have a beautiful day & if you happen to try any of these fun crafts, send your journey & results this way!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcoming the fall.

Hello love bugs!!  Here we are and it's Thursday.  I realize that I missed another week but I have some exciting things to share with you.  It has been quite a wonderful week, filled with many surprises, lots of fun, lots of friends & family, and lots of Jesus :).
I was planning on going home to North Carolina (from Kona, Hawaii) in the middle of November.  Well... I had a little plan, I called my dad, let my best friend Erin in on the secret, and bought a ticket home for the last day in September.  My moms birthday was Friday, so I was able to have one night of sleep at Erins house and then surprise my mom at breakfast!  It was beautiful & priceless.  I walked up on the back deck of our house, tucked around the lake, and just as suspected her eyes began to water & mouth dropped as nothing came out but shock & excitement.  I was able to surprise the rest of my family as the day continued... it has been so good to be home!

I am home for a lovely 3 months and I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do, in & through me, while I am here.  I am excited to relax, to have fun, and to sink deep into the love of those around me.  I have not been disappointed thus far :).  All the thoughts of comfy fall clothing, warm drinks, movies, & laughter have definitely come to pass... and I can promise there will be more.

I have realized my heart is entering into a new season.  No obligations, just love.  I love that Jesus doesn't love us out of obligation, yet He loves us ALL of the time no matter what we do to Him.  He is constant, He is faithful, & He is not a man that He should lie.  I can always count on Him!  As I am back home, I want to invest my heart in the things that last.  I love coming to you each day and sharing what is going on, but I am going to step back a bit this way what is posted can be fully from the overflow of my heart, and not out of obligation :).

I hope that you still feel inspired, are filled with hope & joy, find out more of who you are... but most importantly discover Jesus... His love & mercy, His faithful & joy, all that He is and all that you are in Him.  It's the most valuable treasure you will ever discover and I am excited to go on this journey with you!
Enjoy some of the photos that have been taken on this journey of being home!

[Journey Home: HI-CA-CA-TX-NC with beauty & coffee in hand]

 [With mom & dad at breakfast after the surprise... right back to be goofy, hehe]

[my best friend in the whole world, Erin (:]

[lots of tea, lots of coffee, boots-skirts-leggings]

 [My sweet nephew & niece after I surprised them at home]

[sushi for moms birthday @ J.J. Wasabi's]

 [At the party for the September babies, in the park]

[A comfy outfit for Wednesday night]

[Going to Sam Ash Music Store with my three good friends Erin, Zach, & my brother, Chris]

 [Jammin' out at the music store]

[Another beautiful niece who I missed so much!]

 [Abi Liv... I finally got to meet my beautiful new niece!  She's a doll!]


[Doing what we do]

 [Making brownies & of course a good #breakfastforchamps]


[My moms most amazing Chicken & Arugula salad with Boiled Potatoes & Fresh Shredded Parmesan]

 [Bruschetta with fresh cheese & crackers with grapes & raspberries... Moms home-made cookin' is the best!]

[Erin & I spent the afternoon with these beauties]

I hope you enjoyed this photos as much as I did!  Remember to soak in every moment with the ones you love & Carpe Diem!  Have a beautiful Thursday and I will see you lovelies very soon :)
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