Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Tea Cups

Hello my little teacups :)  I will happily admit to you my obsession with teacups.  I love everything about them.  All the sizes, all the shapes.  I love their delicacy and beauty.  To me, if you have a perfect teacup, it makes your tea taste even better.  I have recently found some incredible ways to not only drink out of your teacup, but also decorate with it!  Enjoy the art, the photography, the creations, & the beauty of these delicate beauties.






 [Make sure to check out how to make this amazing Tea Cup Clock by Clicking Here
and how to make this Tea Cup & Saucer Lamp by Clicking Here]

Have a beautiful day & if you happen to try any of these fun crafts, send your journey & results this way!

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