Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Starting a Rhythm of Love

Tucked away in a cozy room.  Music is playing out of the speakers and a little light brings a clear world to my eyes.  My coffee close by on the right in my earthy green rounded mug, my journal to the left of me with my .35 Pilot G-2 pen, and my lovely new set of Crochet Needles accompanied by my oh-so-inviting dark mahogany red yarn.
We live in a world of craziness.  Crazy people & music, crazy technology & religions, crazy ideas, oh and don't forget crazy traffic.  Sometimes it takes everything in me not to hide under a bed.  But what do you do when there is no bed?  When you can't get away?  And no matter where you go, there are people around you too?  You create a life marked by the Rhythm of Love.  People will talk, styles will change, fads will come & go.  But one thing that is never changing, is love.  For the past couple of months, or rather 20 years, I am in search & have found I am still only at the beginning of a revelation of what love is, & how to give it no matter what, & how to receive it even when I don't believe it.

So invite you in.  Embark on a new journey with me.  My dream is that with every word I utter, with every look I offer, with everything I make & all the in-betweens,  I create a lifestyle & leave behind a trail of the rhythm of love.  It has it's ups, and it has it's downs.  But regardless of how big or how small, it's still love.


  1. Wow, it looks like this is going to be a great blog.

    I love the way you start it.

    I love you too.


  2. Liz, this looks amazing. On the visuals side of things, I just love the font and the colour of the background. : ) On the side that matters more - as in what you wrote already and intend to continue to write in the future - is even more beautiful. I am excited to share in what's going on in your heart and life in these posts. Love you!


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