Monday, September 26, 2011


Beautiful friends!   It is so good to return to you & enjoy your company. Yes yes, it is my fault that I wasn't around.  A whole week without visiting, it was quite strange.  Part of me apologizes, and the other part just can't because of what a good week I had.  ALL of the students were able to graduate, we had a fun party celebrating the past 6 months of their lives, reminiscing about the memories & creating new ones in the process.  As I look back over this season, I am truly truly blessed & overwhelmed at the goodness of the Lord.  He is faithful all the time and I just love who He is and what He does.  You should get to know Him :).
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I will hop right into this fantastic new week with these lovely outfits.  Last week my mom wrote me and told me that I would just love being home because it was 60 degrees and it was perfect for my leggings & scarves & boots outfits.  I have to admit, everything in me wanted to go and be home for that day.  Hawaii is lovely!  But a break from the heat would be fun.

So anyways I got in the mood to look at some comfy, cozy, & cute outfits which I cannot wait to try out when I visit home for the winter.   I hope you enjoy & are inspired!









So there you have it!  Aren't you so ready for fall now?  I am.  Make sure to check back tomorrow because I am excited about what this week holds for us.  Have a beautiful rest of your Monday!

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