Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kua Bay Kind of Day

TGIF!  Wow.  Are you stoked it's the weekend!?  I am.  I have had a very long, exciting! but long week and I am stoked to kick it back.  I actually get to hang out with some of my greatest friends from all around the world this weekend.  We have just spent the past 6 months with each other.  Paraguay, New Zealand, England, Germany, Korea, America... and the list goes on.  It's so incredible having friends from different countries & cultures.  It makes lives so much more fun & interesting & you look SO much!

So this is a 1/2 selfish, 1/2 selfless blog to kick off the weekend ;).  I want to share with you what we are doing this weekend, but in my heart of hearts, I know it's impossible to be jealous. haha.  BUT! You always have a place to stay if you want to visit Hawaii, right?  So that is a perk.
We are getting to spend all day on Saturday at Kua Bay, or more commonly known as, Mile 88.  Clear blue water, usually clear blue skies, the weather is perfect and the sand oh-so-fun... especially when you have great friends to share it all with!

I am definitely excited and feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have the life that I have.  The Lord is faithful every step of the way!

Live it up this weekend, do everything in love, and remember:
the Creator of heaven & earth and all living thing desires your heart.

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