Monday, September 12, 2011

Straight From The Journal

After yesterdays post, Remember, I got on a roll of reading through some of my old blog posts.  For those of you who do not know, I am on staff with Youth With A Mission.  My job  is basically to bring daughter of Christ closer to His heart & lead them to the place where they are fully alive in Him & walking in their destiny.  It couldn't get any better than that right?
Well I am at the end of this 6 month journey that I have been taking with the Call2All Discipleship Training School.  The students graduate next week and it's just pretty crazy that I've been running with these people for 6 months now.  I was reading through some of my old posts on my other blog, She Began To Fly, and was overcome with joy & victory at what the Lord has done.  There were hard times, there were easy times, good times & sad times, but in the end... we walk victoriously!!
Here is an entry that I posted on the travel blog that I took straight from my journal, during the first week of the school.  If you would like to read it on the blog, Click Here.

"Saturday afternoon. 3pm. Dried. Sandy. Just returned from Samples at Costco & the beach.  Surrounded by hungry daughters and sons - craving to be loved & accepted, wanting so badly to know Truth, and some of them don't even know it - and we are all in it together.  The waves crash... I look at a few of the girls through my aviators and we talk about life... I sit there, I look - my eyes begin to water behind the lens and my heart begins to feel broken & satisfied.  I know how they feel! I know the aches & pain & questions & insecurities & wonders & hopes & joys & losses ... And I know the freedom and restoration, healing & victories that are coming! "This is what I was made to do" I thought to myself sitting there.  Love God . Love people.  Jesus Knew, God has it figured out.  As all three of them were communing, living community out, fellow-shipping in the fullness, they knew our most fulfilled thing in life would be to Love God and to Love People.
In my opinion, one of the best things to do is to listen to hearts.  Because not only do you get to see the reality of a person, not only do you get to see another side of God... But in those moments, however long or short, that daughter, or that son, is trusting you & in that they are allowing themselves to become vulnerable, making room, believing in and hoping for Truth to come, Healing to become a reality and love to saturate there lives because they know it's possible and everything within them desires to keep hoping it'll come their way.

The beauty about this season for me is that I can watch it all, I can be the hands and feet of Jesus!  I can sit there, eyes and ears and heart open and be what they need and usher them to the feet of Jesus, and war for their freedom.
My heart is so alive.  I am so happy.  The Lord is showing me so much as I just allow Him to use me without me having my own "opinions" getting in the way - because I realize they just get in the way, and I don't really care about my opinions at the end of the day - I just want the fullness of Jesus.  I could not have dreamed to be anywhere else.  He knows what He's doing and I am so glad that I can trust Him.  No matter what it looks like, He is trustworthy, He is true, He is truth."

Jesus is worthy of all praise.  After reading this I am even more convinced of His goodness & faithfulness.
Have a super blessed day!

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