Monday, September 12, 2011


Good morning beauties!!  It is Monday and I am super excited!  I have another day off ahead of me, which I feel so blessed to have, and I get to share with you some beautiful things today!

I love the word remember.  Now rolling off the tongue it may not seem to be the most elegant word.  But I think it's such an important thing. There are many bible verses where it says "lest we forget".  I think many times in life we have incredible things happen to us and we say we will never forget them because they mark such a pivotal time for us.  But then years down the road, it slips our mind and without us even realizing it, we have forgotten.  I have been so challenged to remember the faithfulness of the Lord in my life.  Not just in recent years, but since I was a child.  It' such a fun game to play with your Papa!  See how far you go back where you can remember specific times of Gods faithfulness to your heart, and I think He will even allow you to remember things you thought you'd forgotten :).

Today I am going to share one thing that I (sheepishly) forgot that I loved so much.... photography.  I was asked to do a shoot for a lovely friend and nerves whelled up in me because I hadn't picked up my camera in about 6 months.  As soon as I clicked the first photo, BAM! it was back :)  All the joy came flooding through, I could feel myself coming alive again & I could have done it for hours.  Then I got to the editing process, and it happened again.  After one photo was finished, I just kept going.  So here is one thing that I did fail to remember, but that the Lord was so faithful to remind me of how much He loves that I take pictures with Him.

Enjoy this photos... Whether they are of the shoot I did with Kandi Holt, or just other random shots I did the same day :)





I hope you enjoyed this :)  If you would like to see more of my photos, please check out my blog, Elizabeth Anne Photography  when you get the chance.

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