Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trip Into The 60's

No... Not that kind of trip into the 60's ;)....

I have this fascination with different decades.  Not that I don't enjoy the 21st century and all that it has to offer with styles, architecture, fashion, music, etc.etc.  I just think it's fun to take a trip into where we have come from.  Today: We will take a trip through 1960 and some of the fabulous things it offered us, and that we still use/listen to/enjoy in the 21st century.  Take a trip with me won't you?





So whether it's The Beatles, Bob Dylan, John Lennon... or the hair, the jewelery, the bathingsuits... or even the living room... I think I could take a lot away from the 60's.  Plus! The Jesus Movement was in the 60's and who wouldn't want to experience that!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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