Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i heart thursdays!

Oh my lovely friends It's good to meet you again today!  It's a beautiful Thursday & I cannot wait to show you these fantastic captures of flowers & fields, breakfasts & desserts, and some other things to make my heart smile.  Are you having a beautiful day?  I hope this creates it!

[i heart daisys and this daisy field sign]

[i heart a healthy breakfast]

 [i heart asparagus, gouda cheese, & eggs for breakfast!]

 [i heart all of the bright white and the simplicity of this house]

 [i heart illustration & this bird]
 [i heart retro heels]

 [i heart this Gibson Tuck - click here for an easy tutorial!]

 [i heart these beautiful colors, big bows, & fields in Tuscany]

[i heart this ring bracelet & Juicy Couture earrings]

[i heart these bedrooms, especially the headboards]

 [i heart this whole bag & this amazing crocheted circle scarf]

[i heart desserts & fresh black berries]

[i heart this wallpaper & chairs]

After all of that breakfast & dessert I am starving :).  And don't you just want to sink into those fantastic beds & rest in the chairs?  I hope you enjoyed all of these things & they brought you inspiration.  I will see you tomorrow to kick off the weekend!

1 comment:

  1. OK...so the headboards (not a body part) are my absolute FAVE!!!! I so want to do that for every bed in our house!!! And that bird/flower drawing...I'm so doing that!! Thanks for posting these!! :)


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