Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Alive Heart...

         We all have things that make our hearts come alive.  Whether it be a friend you haven't seen in a while, knowing that you are loved, spinning in a wide open field, hearing your favorite song come on the radio, taking a road trip, or past memories... Whatever it may be, it's a part of you and maybe you didn't even choose it to be... but it's what makes everything else seem like it's going to be okay.  We've all had these things placed inside of us, not by mistake, but on purpose.  In the book of Genesis it talks about how we have been made in the image of God [or 'Us' - Father, Son, Holy Spirit].  I like to think that those little things that seem silly that make me come alive, are actually things that Jesus likes to do as well, and that He enjoys too, and are a bit of His character.  Why?  Because He made me like Him...
         Lately I've been trying to love myself.  When you love Jesus, you love what He has created, and to not love yourself, would be to not love something He has created.  I use to think it was selfish, or conceited to love yourself... until I had revelation that He actually WANTS me to love myself.  Because out of it comes respect, protection, adoration & worship to the King of Kings.
         When we live with an alive heart, people see it and are attracted to it.  You can't be happy and not show it.  We feed on each other a lot of the time.  What do you want people to receive from you, or feed off of you?  A happy and alive heart that is spilling over with kindness and acceptance, or a spirit of unbelief & despair, that creates you to be self focused and downcast on yourself?
So here are the things that make my heart come alive, or a few of them.  I hope you can find some joy in them...

Roads trips with my friends
Loving little children & spinning around with them in my arms
A GOOD meal
A cup of coffee over a nice conversation

Warm arms to hug in time of need

My family
My church, River Life Fellowship

A HUGE field, with blue skies and wheat
Campfire & music

A brisk morning
Dancing in worship like nobodys watching
a place for the heart

Bundled up in the winter in a convertible with coffee :)

Riding in the car w/ my mom playing Keith Urban
The mountains
A bouquet of daisys

The beach
Drum Circles

Holy Spirit
My friends

Heart conversations with my dad
Knowing I'm loved... And loving from that place


Just a few :)
What makes your heart come alive? What are the rhythms that keep you going?


  1. -When I feel Jesus really close!
    -Long conversation with the hubbs
    -A grande americano (4 shots)
    -Josiah and Abi's laughter
    -The Word
    -The beach
    -When we just sit at your parents living room and chill there =)
    I could keep going!!!!!!

    Love ya LIZZ!!!!!!!! and love your blog!! =D

  2. This is soooo good and the Lord's been speaking to me about this too (loving myself and who He's created me to be). Things that make my heart come alive: hearing my children laugh, really great worship music, ocean waves, mountain air, being with my twin sister, coffee with a close friend, feeling the Lord's presence...I could keep going too...thanks for your encouraging post! Praying for you! ~M


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