Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glorious Day :)

Don't you just love a good day?  I hope you are having one, and if you aren't... I pray that it starts being amazing!  I have been meditating on Romans lately, and have been completely blasted by what I've been reading.  I mean, let's be honest, it's a thiiiick & meaty book, but SO encouraging!  If you'd like to read along with me I've been soaking up Romans 5-8.  I've been skipping back and forth and just taking in all I can handle.  I encourage you to do the same :)  It will really encourage you and give perspective on so many things in life!
Anyways!  I had a glorious day today.  It started out by having an amazing time with my team in the morning & then we went to spend some time with the kids we hang out with every morning.  From there, it just got better... From Jamba Juice, Lunch @ Rubios, Starbucks... And then, well... let me share a bit of the rest with you in pictures.  Enjoy!

Grabbed a Iced Venti 1/2 Sweetened Green Tea Lemonade,
Perfect for a summer day!

Became an official Costco Member ;)
And had a little fun ;)

THEN!!!  The real excitement began.  I spent 3 months living with this girl and hadn't seen her in almost a year.  We go to reconnect here in Cali, and spend the whole rest of the day together.  It was so good for my heart.  I love her so much & am so excited we get to spend more time together.  She's incredible!  Has such a beautiful heart, is a real friend, is committed, & has fallen in love with Jesus :)  Meet the lovely: Emily!
Chillin on Huntington Beach together :)
Right after we finally came together!  Real Smiles :)
Aaaaand right back to being silly:)

So there we go!  I hope you encounter things today that make your heart feel alive & bring hope into your soul.
You are all amazing!!

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