Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picture Perfect Memories

Woah!  I have missed you guys!!  I apologize for being MIA.  You know when life comes at you unexpectantly you kind of just forget about certain things.  Not that I forgot about YOU!  Just didn't really have much time to keep you in the know.  SO... I wanted to do that today :).  It's Thursday morning, nice and chilly outside with a good day planned in Santa Ana.
Let's take a walk together, reliving some good memories from this past week, picture style!
[Saturday:  Gleaning pees, Painting the homeless girls nails, Starbucks (always),  Yummy Lemon Tofu Dinner!]

[Monday: Hotel Current with my team, Beach-Lunch-Shops w/ Mom,
Santa Monica Pier with Jeremy & Randy, Beverley Hills, Hollywood, LA!]


[Tuesday: Aquarium in Long Beach, CA] 


Have a fantastic Thursday!!  See you tomorrow :)

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