Friday, August 5, 2011

The Good Life...

How was your weekend!?  Were you inspired by anything new or blessed with anything old? I'd love to hear some of your stories!  I had a quite exciting weekend and I got to thinking about what other people would categorize as "the good life."  Is it the people that surround you?  Is it the God who lives inside you?  Is it the money that you make or even the food you bake?  We all have either majorly different answers, or slightly different answers, to this question.  What makes your life "The Good Life"?  Here are a few things that I did over the past couple of days that I would classify as somethings that made my life really good.

 Going to see "Nefarious" with my lovely OC ladies!

Being there for my moms first In-N-Out experience!!!

Spending an afternoon in the SoCal sun by the pool!           And discovering this lovely chair in The Hub in the
                                                                                                         back of Newsong.
  Isn't it beautiful!?

Hope this brings a great start to your new week!!  Lets keep in touch, share stories & pictures on what makes our lives so great!

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  1. Just checked out all the August blogs now...(still recovering from jet-lag from my trip out to see you). Anyway, I love the blogs...especially reliving our wonderful & fun times spent together!! You are the best daughter, great host, incredible cook, and a "very able to drive in Cali traffic girl"!! I love you!!


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