Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treasure Hunts!

Don't feel bad if you opened this thinking it was going to be about finding pirates treasure in the middle of the sea, I actually sometimes think of it that way.  BUT! The treasure hunt that I am talking about is worth even more than a pirates gold hidden deep in the sea.  It's the treasure of the children of God.  You see,  I am in love with Jesus, and as I continue to fall more in love with Him, the amount of love that He shows me, not only for myself, but for all of His children just continues to grow.  He's been showing me that His hearts dream is for each and every single human being to live a lifestyle of deep deep deep intimacy with their creator.  It's doesn't matter what we've done, where we've been... it doesn't matter if we've lived a life of sin, or even a life of doing good... He doesn't care, because He loves us so much that He wants our HEARTS.  There's a verse in 1 Samuel 16:7 that talks about how men look at our outward appearance... the way we dress, how we speak, what we do, etc. etc.  But God doesn't do that.  He looks straight at our heart.  And eventually what is in our hearts will be the overflow of our lives.  So God is after our HEARTS.
Anyways!  Tonight I was with a group of friends.  We get together every Tuesday night to hear the heartbeat of God over our lives and the lives around us.  Tonight, He told us to go out.  So we piled in cars, about 3-5 people in a group, we listened to what Jesus had to say to us individually, and we headed out to an outdoor mall here in California.  We had our lists and we boldly went out, crushing all fear, and stepping out in Faith expecting the Holy Spirit to meet us and lead us.  AND HE DID!  So many people found the exact description of people on their list.  I had a vision of someone in a purple shirt by a fountain.  I went near the fountain I saw, next to Forever 21, and there was a couple sitting there both in purple shirts!  I was able to pray for them, speak life over them, and really give them hope and tell them about Jesus.  Several other people had other stories just like this of hope being given and Jesus being shown.
My aim was not necessarily that we would see tons of crazy miracles and stuff, which would be awesome!  But that we would walk out in complete faith, no matter our outcome because I know that we already live in victory by resurrection through the cross!  We already have the Holy Spirit inside of us.  And so our lives should not be split into sections and dates and times of being led by the Holy Spirit, but a continual lifestyle of Him leading us with every step we take, walking out with Faith and boldness into the most alive places and the most dark places for His glory.  We have eternal life, living inside of us.... resurrection power in side of this fatal body... and we have the power with the Holy Spirit to set captives free, to raise the dead, to break chains, to give Eternal Life to more children of God!  SO no matter what my physical eyes saw tonight, whether we had major fail blogs or visible victories, Jesus Christ was glorified, people were brought hope & truth about who they are, and we broke off fear in the process.  There really is nothing more fun than experiencing life as it should be with Jesus.

Hope this brings you some enjoyment and spurs you on to do the same.  If you have any stories of your own treasure hunts or anything like it, please feel free to share!

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  1. So good Lizzy! :) Im so blessed to have your team with us for a few months. You're amazing!


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