Thursday, September 1, 2011

i heart thursdays!

Hello lovely readers!!  I trust that your week is going along just fine & dandy.  Not too long before the weekend is here!  Do you have anything fun planned?  I am off today to hang out at Universal Studios with some of my friends (first time to go!!) & then when Saturday roles around I am hopping on a plain and heading back to Kona, Hawaii to debrief with my whole school!  I have had such an amazing time being here in California (& certainly enjoy the weather so much better here), but it will be so good to see my friends back at the beach ;).

As my week progressed, I noticed there were things I just absolutely loved & wanted to put together a day that I could share them with you!  So welcome to the weekly "i heart thursdays!" blog post.  I hope the things you find in here inspire you, encourage you, and give you a good giggle & even something to ponder on.

[i heart all kinds of yarn & espresso shots]

[i heart children worshiping Jesus]

[i heart gluten-free cupcakes & donuts]

[i heart feathers & tattoos & feather tattoos]

[i heart knitted sweater socks & winter boots]

[i heart "you've got mail"]

 [i heart owls & this quote]

[i heart his & her watches]

 [i heart this living room & these summer/fall shorts]

[i heart this whole collage of dainty findings & especially the colors]

Thanks for dropping by and checking out i heart thursdays!  I'll chat with you tomorrow.

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