Monday, August 29, 2011

wrap around & button up!

I love hitting the jackpot at stores like Salvation Army & Goodwill.  Somedays you just can't find a single thing, then other days you find just what you were looking for!  I walked in and one of the first things I see up on the shelves are 3 wicker baskets full of yarn for only 89 cents!!! I was more than stoked.  I got some amazing colors for fall & winter so I can start crocheting my hands off making scarves & head warmers, and learning how to do hats & more fun things!!  I just can't wait :).

So!  The other day I was able to take a whole day off and got to finish some projects I was working on.  This is one of the scarves that finally got done!!  This was done with a Double Crochet, and fastened together with one wooden button for easy on and off access.  I cannot wait til the colder weather starts rolling in and I can wear this one :)!!
Here is the other thing I was able to finish, my first Head Warmer!!


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